Quality Process and Certifications.  IDS operates under the guidelines of ISO 9001 and MIL-I-45208. IDS is conducive to maintaining a quality operation and producing a quality product in accordance with customer requirements. Emphasis is placed, both in-house and with subcontractors, on the verification of conformance to all specified requirements, including Critical to Quality items identified by customers in the engineering design, materials, parts, manufacturing and test processes necessary in attaining the required design reliability and system performance.

Purchased Items and Services.  The Quality Management System includes controls to assure that purchased items and services conform to procurement documents. The system includes source evaluation, selection and surveillance, in addition to object evidence of quality furnished by suppliers, inspection and the examination of items upon delivery. Quality Assurance reviews each purchase order to assure that supplier selections are in accordance with the approved vendor listings; to assure the adequacy and incorporation of the quality requirements; to assure inclusion of applicable customer requirements; and to verify completeness of the purchase orders.

Discrepant Material and MRB.  Discrepant material is usually addressed by an internal Material Review Board (MRB) for action in accordance with requirements of the IDS Management System. Typically, material found to be discrepant during any stage of manufacturing assembly, inspection or test will be documented on a Discrepant Material Report, submitted to a Preliminary MRB for review for disposition which may include returning to vendor, repair in-place, or scrapping. Discrepant material shall be disposition in accordance with the contract.

Design and Test.  Quality Assurance ensures that contract/design requirements are met and properly documented. When adequacy of a design is verified by inspection, analysis, demonstration or testing, the test is identified, conducted and evaluated in accordance with customer approved procedures. Testing shall demonstrate the operability of the part and/or system to perform under specified operating modes and environmental conditions. Testing is conducted in accordance with A Master Test Plan.

Documentation.  Quality Assurance reviews all contractual technical data publications prior to transmittal to the customer. Each technical data item is checked against the applicable SOW and documentation requirements of the contract. Validation of technical publications is accomplished in accordance with Contract Data Requirements.  Quality Assurance maintains evidence of inspections and test reports (including final test data) and provides copies of these as well as Certification of Compliance in accordance with contractual requirements.

Responsiveness To and Cooperation With Customers.  In support of the Planned Milestone Reviews as well as any other technical and programmatic communication requirements, IDS has established mass media links including a Video Teleconference Center (VTC) [i.e. Go-To-Meeting], electronic mail (e-mail), web page www.idsllc.net, and an fttp site to upload and download information. These facilities allow IDS to provide timely communication and maximize IDS’s responsiveness to Customer requests.

Problem Resolution.  IDS’s in-house developed MRP system reports and monitors the status of all corrective actions and problem resolutions. It is part of our Closed Looped Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System.  Documented problems are reported at various engineering and program management reviews along with the corrective action status and resolution. All corrective actions are documented and approved by engineering prior to implementation and include both in-house and subcontractor products and services.