Last 3 Years IDS has (1) teamed with Industry to Design and Test Ruggedized Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products for Installation into Military and Commercial Airborne, Shipboard and Ground Mobile Equipment, (2) teamed with Industry to develop bench lab equipment for commercial use, (3) Supported the Federal Aviation Administration in design and upgrade of numerous Airport Runway and Facility Power Systems, HVAC Systems, Lightning Protection Systems, Remote Monitoring Systems and Electrical Medium Voltage Electrical Line Distribution Systems. IDS support included extensive documentation of existing and new designs, development of manufacturing drawings, 2D & 3D Modeling, Thermal Modeling, Electromagnetic Interference Simulations, Military/Commercial Power Supply and Filter Designs, Environmental Testing, Program Management, Mechanical and Electrical Design, along with numerous other items. 

Major Production Programs and Similar Processes. The following manufacturing and design programs have been supported at IDS:

(a) FAA Power Systems Support Services: Design/Configure/Analysis/install various FAA and DOD Radar Facility Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Engine/Generators (E/G), Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems, Power Panels & Disconnects, Remote Monitoring Systems, Lightning Protection, and both Airport Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Electrical Line Distribution System Upgrades.

(b) FAA ASDE-X Program: Design/Configure Remote Tower Concrete Equipment Shelter, Review Remote Tower Concrete E/G Shelter, Design /Fabricate Power Communication & Distribution Enclosure, Power Comm. Conduit Template, Power Comm. Drill Fixture, Surge Arrestor Enclosure, Communication Enclosure, Obstruction Light Kit, LIR Installation Fixture, Service Disconnect Enclosure, various Installation Kits.

(c) U.S. Navy Program; ESSM 1553 Relay Unit Assembly and Installation Cable Set: Design, Analyze, Document, Fabricate, Qualify and Test 1553 Relay Unit Assembly and its associated cables for installation into the Seasparrow Missile Launcher.

(d) U.S. Navy Program; ESSM Prototype Upgrade Kit: Design, Analyze, Document, Fabricate and Test Prototype Upgrade Cable and VME Card Kit for Seasparrow ESSM Configuration.

(e) U.S. Navy Program; NSSM MK57 SLIC & IRP Cabinets: Design, Analyze, Document, Fabricate, Qualify and Test Prototype and Production Cabinets for Seasparrow NSSM Configuration.

(f) U.S. Navy Program; AN/SPQ-9B Radar: Support Mechanical Redesign of Below and Above Deck Equipment including radar pedestal, Qualification Testing, Reliability & Maintainability Predictions, Logistic Support Analysis, Provisioning Documentation, and Maintainability Demonstration.

(g) Ruggedized COTS Program: UAV, Shipboard and Ground Mobile Hardware: Design, Analyze, Document, Fabricate, Qualify, Test Prototype and Production Conduction & Convection Chassis and Circuit Card Assemblies.

IDS personnel have a vast amount of design and manufacturing experience obtained from other development and production programs worked on prior to IDS. Key IDS personnel, including our principals, worked at Northrop Grumman / Norden Systems and supported the follow major production Programs:

(a) AN/WLY-1: Design/Document/Fabricate/Test/Install Below Deck Cabinets and External Hydrophones for this Submarine Acoustic Interception and Countermeasure System.

(b) AN/BPS-15: Design/Documented/Fabricated/Test/Install Below Deck Cabinets, Antenna Pedestals and Antenna for this Submarine Navigational Radar.

(c) AN/WLR-9B(V)2: Design/Document/Fabricate/Test/Install Submarine Acoustic Interception Receivers and Control Indicators.

(d) AN/SPS-40: Design/Document/Fabricate/Test/Install Below Deck Cabinets, Above Deck Pedestal Electronics Assemblies, Antenna Pedestals and Parabolic Antenna for this Surface Ship Long Range 2D Air Search Radar.

(e) AN/SPQ-9B: Design/Document/Fabricate/Test Below Deck Cabinets, Above Deck Pedestal Electronics Assemblies, Antenna Pedestals and Active Scanning Array Antennas for this Surface Ship Surveillance and Tracking Radar

(f) AN/SYS, AN/SYS-2(V) FC2: Manage/Design/Document/Test/Install Below Deck Coil Isolated Processor Cabinets for this Surface Ship Sensor Fusion Tracker.

(g) AN/SPS-67: Design/Document/Test/Install Below Deck Cabinets, Antenna Pedestals, and Stick Antennas for this Surface Ship Short Range 2D Surface-Search/Navigation Radar.

(h) AWACS E3A Situation Display Console Color Upgrade: Performed Reliability/ Maintainability (R/M) Analysis, Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA), EMI & Power Qualification Testing, and Designed/Documented the On-Board Test Monitoring and Maintenance (OBTM&M) for the Color Displays and associated Processor CCA(s) for this Airborne Surveillance Radar.

(i) E2-D Advanced Hawkeye: Supported R/M Analysis and generated R/M Specifications for the Cockpit Glass Display Control Panels for this Airborne Surveillance Radar.

(j) A-6E U.S. Navy Aircraft: Mechanical Design/ Documentation and Environment Test of the MS-90736/SPQ Airborne Moving Target Indicator (AMTI).

(k) ASDE-3 Program: Manage/Design/Document/Fabricate/Test/Install ASDE-3 Cabinets, Monitors, Pedestals, Rotodomes and Antenna Assemblies for this Ground Based Radar.

(l) SSR/DMTI: Manage/Design/Document/Fabricate/Test Channel 1 and Channel 2 Cabinets for this Ground Based Radar Receiver.